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With host Joanne Clendining

Episode 304
AIRDATE: December 1, 2015

Episode 304

Hydroponic tomatoes; farm-to-school produce; beef cattle genetics. The Local Buy: American bread.

Episode 303

Episode 303

Putting imperfect produce to good use; poultry grower educates other farmers; Baltimore’s largest urban farm. The Local Buy: heritage turkey.

Episode 302
Airdate: November 17, 2015

Episode 302

Agricultural irrigation; minimizing impact of dairy cows on the Chesapeake; raising Red Angus cattle.

Episode 301
Airdate: November 10, 2015

Episode 301

Farming using aerial drones; the life of a horse dentist; hidden life in soil. The Local Buy: cooking classes on the farm.

About the Show

Ever been to a Maryland farm to see how our food is grown? Have you seen a cow being milked, or corn being harvested at night? How about watermelons being hand-picked or broccoli seedlings being gently planted into the soil in early spring?

In fact, many Marylanders have never visited farms, though they've driven by them many times without knowing it.

To help Marylanders learn more about agriculture - the state's number one industry - Maryland Public Television (MPT) in partnership with the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) has created Maryland Farm & Harvest, a multimedia series that puts a human face on farming.

Hosted by Joanne Clendining, Maryland Farm & Harvest takes viewers around the state to see and experience what it's like to run a 21st century farm – from technological advances and conservation challenges to age-old complications such as weather hardships. MF&H also captures the number one reason why planters and growers dedicate themselves to it all: their simple love of farming.

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