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Air Date: 11/12/19

MFH 701 The new season of Maryland Farm and Harvest starts with an inventive farmer who created his own potting mix for growing organic broccoli at Summer Creek Farm. Then, we see how much work it takes to bring food to consumers, as we follow Albright Farms to the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar. Next, Tulip Pond Farm shows how proper manure management is essential to modern dairy farming. Lastly, on The Local Buy, Al Spoler visits Crooked Creek Farm and then Smuckers Meats to see how free range pork is turned into a delicious sausage with old-world flavor.

Local Buy Recipe - Lithuanian Sausage Appetizers

Episode 702

Air Date: 11/19/19

MFH 702 We start this episode at waterman Tommy Courtney’s pound nets in Saint Mary’s County, where he catches several kinds of fish. We’ll follow his rockfish catch from the pound net to the lunch rush at Courtney’s Seafood Restaurant. Then, we visit Baltimore-based business Biotrophics and its partner company Instar Farm, which are developing mealworms that could one day be used in animal feed. Next, we travel to Walnut Ridge Farm and ALL Produce in Western Maryland to learn about how important high-speed internet is for their businesses… and the frustrations that come when the internet doesn’t work. Lastly, on The Local Buy, Al Spoler puts together meal kits for The Roving Radish using kale from
Earth First Farm in Howard County.

Local Buy Recipe - Kale Chips

Local Buy Recipe - Baked Salmon with Garlic and Dijon

Episode 703

Air Date: 11/26/2019

MFH 703 Our first stop of the episode is at Seneca Ayr Farms in Montgomery County, where the Linthicum family has been farming for almost 200 years. Then, it’s off to Strength to Love 2, an urban farm in Baltimore City that employs former  convicts and helps people make connections with where their food comes from. Next, we meet Dr. Fred Lewis, a 92-year-old equine veterinarian in Howard County, who’s not slowing down any time soon. Lastly, on The Local Buy, Al Spoler enjoys a cocktail at The Bluebird Cocktail Room & Pub in Baltimore that’s made with peas from Karma Farm in Baltimore County.

Local Buy Recipe - Sweet Pea Syrup

Episode 704

Air Date: 12/3/2019

MFH 704 This episode is all about the importance of water on the farm… whether the harvest is on land or in the water itself. We start at the Choptank Oyster Company, where we learn how oysters are farmed and how too much rain can hurt oysters and change their flavor. Then, we explore how conservation drainage systems help farms and the environment through smart water and nutrient management. Next, we meet a Kent County farmer who is irrigating his fields with water from a local wastewater treatment plant. Lastly, on The Local Buy, Al Spoler learns how to fish for eels with waterman Troy Wilkens, before tasting his catch at The Salt Line restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Episode 705

Air Date: 12/10/2019

MFH 705 In this episode, we take a look at the important roles women play in Maryland agriculture. First, we meet fifth generation farmer Kayla Griffith, who has relaunched the Griffith Family Produce business and is bringing new ideas to her family’s farm. Then, it’s off to Ordinary Point Farm, where owner Frances Bayard has partnered with the Cecil County Soil Conservation District to help mitigate erosion. Next, we hop in the combine with Margaret Ann Dodd, who is one of the many farm women that the National Agricultural Statistics Service is working to better reflect in the National Census of Agriculture. Lastly, on The Local Buy, Al Spoler goes to Shaw Orchards to pick some beautiful red raspberries, before sampling some in a freshly-baked pie.

Local Buy Recipe - Baked Raspberry Pie

About the Show

Ever been to a Maryland farm to see how our food is grown? Have you seen a cow being milked, or corn being harvested at night? How about watermelons being hand-picked or broccoli seedlings being gently planted into the soil in early spring?

In fact, many Marylanders have never visited farms, though they've driven by them many times without knowing it.

To help Marylanders learn more about agriculture - the state's number one industry - Maryland Public Television (MPT) in partnership with the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) has created Maryland Farm & Harvest, a multimedia series that puts a human face on farming.

Hosted by Joanne Clendining, Maryland Farm & Harvest takes viewers around the state to see and experience what it's like to run a 21st century farm – from technological advances and conservation challenges to age-old complications such as weather hardships. MF&H also captures the number one reason why planters and growers dedicate themselves to it all: their simple love of farming.

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