Broadcast Frequencies Changing

RESCANWhat's happening?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered local broadcasters to change the frequencies of their channels in a phased program beginning in 2019 and running through 2020. This is an FCC mandated change and MPT must comply with the order. Other broadcasters in our area will also be changing their frequencies at the same time.

Who is affected?

Only viewers who use an antenna to watch our free over-the-air broadcasts. These viewers must perform a rescan on their television or converter box in order to continue viewing our channels.

Cable or satellite customers will not be required to do anything. This includes customers of Comcast, Verizon, Dish, Direct TV and others. The providers will make the change for you and your television viewing will continue seamlessly on the same channels you currently use.

How to rescan your televisions

Over-the-air antenna users only will need to:

1. Select Scan or Autotune from your television or converter box control menu to start the scanning process.

2. Your television will automatically find the new broadcast frequency for MPT. This process usually takes a few minutes to complete. Although the broadcast frequency will change, MPT’s channel numbers will not. When the process is complete, you will still find MPT on the same channel number under the new frequency. If you do not rescan, you will see snow on your television set.

Need more assistance? If you have further questions:

1. Call MPT Viewer Services at 1-410-581-4292 or toll-free 1-800-522-8915.

2. For complete rescan instructions, please visit: http://www.tvanswers.org/rescan.asp. You will need to know the manufacturer and model number of your television set or converter box in order to get specific instructions on how to rescan.

3. Call the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at toll-free 1-888-CALLFCC (1-888-225-5322) and press "6" to speak to a help desk representative.

4. Watch this helpful video from the FCC:

Schedule for frequency changes

Friday, August 2, 2019
Annapolis WMPT 22
Frederick WFPT 62
Oakland WGPT 36
Salisbury WCPB 28

March 3, 2020 (tentative)
Owings Mills WMPB 67

May 1, 2020 (tentative)
Hagerstown WWPB 31