Congratulations on your first step to volunteering at Maryland Public Television! We are excited that you are expressing interest and hope that we can provide a fulfilling volunteer experience.

Maryland Public Television relies on the time donated by our volunteers to continue our mission to educate, entertain and enlighten the people of Maryland. From the front desk to the pledge drives, our volunteers are dedicated to the efforts of MPT.

Volunteers at MPT enjoy a number of benefits ranging from a fun social atmosphere to a meaningful contribution. Also, there are a variety of ways to volunteer; you can volunteer as an individual or with an organization.

Ways You Can Help

Job TitleDescription


Greet guests, organize and assist coordinator

Viewer Services Assistant

Respond to incoming calls, e-mails, and letters from MPT viewers and others.

Mailing team member

Collate, stuff materials, and label envelopes or packages.

Secretarial/clerical aide

Perform word processing, filing, and other common office tasks.

Pledge phone operator

Work during on-air pledge campaigns to receive calls and record contributions from callers.

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More questions? Check out our FAQ section below.

Sign Up to Volunteer

If you're interested in volunteering at MPT, please fill out the Volunteer Application. Within two business days, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with more information about volunteering at MPT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MPT provide transportation?
We regret that we're unable to provide any transportation service, but we'll do all we can to link you up with other volunteers and/or organizations with whom you can travel.

Is there parking available?
Free parking is available on well-lit lots near the main entrance. Security personnel are on duty 24 hours a day.

What should I wear when volunteering at MPT?
In general, business casual clothing is appropriate. However, during special events, you may be asked to wear more formal clothing, special colors, or MPT may furnish you with MPT logo shirts. If you are a volunteer during a pledge drive in the studio, be sure to dress warmly, as the studio temperature is typically cool.

Could my volunteer position turn into a permanent job at MPT?
Your volunteer role will certainly afford you an opportunity to meet and work with men and women in a wide variety of professional and technical positions. We do encourage our volunteers to check out job openings which are posted in two places: on the bulletin board outside of Human Resources or on the careers area of the "About MPT" section of our website,

Need more information?
Call 410-581-4035 or e-mail today!


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