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Season 37 of MotorWeek, television’s longest-running automotive series, will focus on the “Future Car.”  The automobile, as we know and use it, continues to morph into the “smart mobility” and “connected ride” that have been so long predicted by futurists. Now that automated features, like emergency braking and blind spot warning, have made their way into many of the most affordable vehicles, they are not only expected to usher in a big jump in safety, but also give us a preview of how totally driverless cars might change our driving habits, and even our desire to drive. 

Each week, Host John Davis and the MotorWeek crew will continue their relentless quest to help test, evaluate, and understand the insatiable American appetite for SUVs and trucks.  They will also keep reporting on how virtually every car will soon be using some form of electrification to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. 

MotorWeek’s unbiased evaluations highlight the most popular vehicles on the wish lists of new car buyers; showcasing the latest technologies, while grading their performance, practicality, efficiency and safety. From sedans to sport utility vehicles, exotics and economy cars, the team gets comfortable behind the wheel of more than 150 vehicles every year.

 MotorWeek’s feature line-up also continues with the return of popular segments like: Goss’ Garage with Master Technician Pat Goss offering know-it-yourself car care advice; Yolanda Vazquez will keep viewers in the know with consumer information and trends in Motor News; Over the Edge Reporter Zach Maskell turns up the fun with a look at the auto world in Overdrive; Feature Reporter Lauren Morrison will deliver information on driving and automotive safety, money-saving advice, as well as the latest technological advances in FYI; while Brian Robinson takes a hands-on look at the two-wheel experience reviewing the newest motorcycles and scooters in Two Wheelin’.

MotorWeek's team of reporters and photographers are true road warriors, traveling the world covering auto shows and new vehicle launches. As one of the first mainstream media outlets to provide regular coverage of advances in green motoring technologies and the use of alternative fuels, MotorWeek is tuned in to consumer demand for the latest on fuel efficient vehicles. MotorWeek's magazine-style format features regular segments that both entertain and inform:

Road Tests

From sedans to sport utility vehicles, to exotics and economy cars, every vehicle takes a spin on the MotorWeek track. A series of rigorous tests evaluates each vehicle on performance, technology, practicality and efficiency.

Comparison Tests
MotorWeek puts two or more vehicles from the same segment through a side-by-side comparison test to give consumers a better idea of how the competition stacks up.

First Impressions

MotorWeek features Quick Spins of the latest vehicles to hit the MotorWeek lot or First Looks from recent trips we've been on. We can't wait to get behind the wheel and give viewers our First Impressions.

Long-Term Road Test

Vehicles in MotorWeek’s Long-Term test fleet are reviewed for up to one year and 30,000 miles. Careful logs are kept to record fuel economy and repairs, and frequent updates show the ups and downs of living with the most popular new models as they get tempered with time.

Goss’ Garage

Pat Goss, MotorWeek’s resident master technician, helps viewers keep their cars on the road and out of the garage with vehicle repair and maintenance tips.


Reporter Yolanda Vazquez gives consumers the inside track on timely, in-depth automotive information.


MotorWeek tracks auto industry news, focusing on crash tests, safety ratings, new advances in technology and the latest developments in the auto industry.

Over the Edge

If it’s off-the-wall and it’s automotive, Zach Maskell will track it down in this unique look at the auto world gone extreme.


A fun, fast-paced lifestyle feature on the trendiest automotive gear on the planet!  Greg Carloss and Ben Davis dig up the hottest automotive accessories and the hippest apparel.

Two Wheelin’

Producer and Two Wheelin’ correspondent Brian Robinson reviews the latest motorcycles and scooters, testing them on the street and on the track.



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