Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke - Season 2

Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke


“Where there’s smoke, there’s Steven Raichlen!” - USA Today   

The man who demystified grilling and barbecuing for millions of Americans returns to Public Television with a second sizzling season of his popular new show, Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke.  The timing couldn’t be better, as smoking is now the fastest growing segment of the barbecue and grill industry.  

In Season 2, Raichlen takes smoked foods—and drinks—in directions you never dream of… from a smoking Mezcalini cocktail to Spruce-Smoked Steaks and Smoked Chocolate Bread Pudding… From Smoked Shrimp and Corn Chowder to Honey Ham Ribs with an addictive Mustard Seed “Caviar.”   Whiskey-Brown Sugar Pork Loin?  Check.   Rotisserie-Smoked Chicken?  Of course.   Plus Danish Smoked Shrimp, Mexican Barbacoa, and Chinese Barbecued Pork Belly Steamed Buns.   Yes, there will be smoke-grilled Sangria and smoke-burnished Suckling Pig.   You’ll even see a Project Smoke first: Hickory-Smoked Ice Cream for dessert.

As always, Raichlen focuses not just on recipes, but on the essential techniques, such as hot smoking, cold smoking, smoke-roasting, and ember-smoking.   You’ll learn how to smoke with logs, wood chunks, wood chips, pellets, spices, herbs, and even hay.   Raichlen also reveals the secrets of some of the world’s top smoke masters in 13 riveting smoke-filled episodes.

Filmed against a stunning palm tree and mountain backdrop in Palm Springs, California, Project Smoke uses smokers and grills from around the world…  Ceramic tiled kamado cookers from Indonesia… Steel offset smokers from Kansas... Drum smokers from Colorado… Argentinean-style stainless steel grills… Charcoal, gas, electric, and water smokers… And even special units made for indoor use, like stovetop smokers and handheld smokers. 

From marquee chefs to weekend grillers, interest is growing to harness the hunger-inducing powers of wood smoke. And Raichlen, the world’s foremost authority on live fire cooking, is just the person to teach them.  “Smoking is the new grilling,” Raichlen says.  His message is simple: “Don’t be intimidated by smoke.  You can do this!”  


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Bourbon Brown Sugar Smoked Pork Loin - THUMB.jpgBourbon Brown Sugar Smoked Pork LoinBrisket on the Bone - THUMB.jpgBrisket on the Bone
Rotisserie Smoked Chicken - THUMB.jpgRotisserie Smoked ChickenSmoke Roasted Pears - THUMB.jpgSmoke Roasted Pears
Bacon Ham and Cheese Chicken Thighs - THUMB.jpgBacon, Ham & Cheese Chicken ThighsCherry Smoked Duck - THUMB.jpgCherry Smoked Duck
Citrus Smoked Turkey Breast - THUMB.jpgCitrus Smoked Turket BreastChar Sui Pork Tenderloin - THUMB.jpgChar Sui Pork Tenderloin
Pork Belly Steamed Buns. - THUMB.jpgPork Belly Steamed BunsSmoke Braised Lamb Shanks. - THUMB.jpgSmoke Braised Lamb Shanks
Tangerine Smoked Flans- THUMB.jpg Tangerine Smoked FlansChinatown Ribs - THUMB.jpgChinatown Ribs
Onion Bomb  THUMB.jpgOnion BombRob's Rib Sandwich THUMB.jpgRob's Rib Sandwich
St. Louis Ribs - THUMB.jpgSt. Louis RibsNOLA Smoked Shrimp - THUMB.jpgNOLA Smoked Shrimp
Salmon Candy - THUMB.jpgSalmon CandyWhiskey Cold Salmon - THUMB.jpgWhiskey Cold Salmon
Mango Macadamia Crisp - THUMB.jpgMango Macadamia CrispReverse Seared Prime Rib - THUMB.jpgReverse Seared Prime Rib
Smoked Pecans - THUMB.jpgSmoked PecansSmoked Shrimp and Corn Chowder - THUMB.jpgSmoked Shrimp & Corn Chowder
Bacon Sundae - THUMB.jpgBacon SundaeHam in a Hurry - THUMB.jpgHam in a Hurry
Honey Ham Ribs - THUMB.jpgHoney Ham RibsTurkey Ham - THUMB.jpgTurkey Ham
Beer Can Breakfast Burger - THUMB.jpgBeer Can Breakfast BurgerCandied Bacon - THUMB.jpgCandied Bacon
Mile High Pancake - THUMB.jpgMile High PancakePork Pastrami Hash - THUMB.jpgPork Pastrami Hash
Dragon Breath Cocktail - THUMB.jpgDragon Breath CocktailEmber Roasted Corn - THUMB.jpgEmber Roasted Corn
Hay Smoked Mozerella - THUMB.jpgHay Smoked MozerellaSmoked Ice Cream - Rum Raisin - THUMB.jpgSmoked Ice Cream - Rum Raisin
Spruce Smoked Steaks - THUMB.jpgSpruce Smoked SteaksBucaneer Chicken - THUMB.jpgBucaneer Chicken
Mezcalini - THUMB.jpgMezcaliniOaxacan Barbacoa - THUMB.jpgOaxacan Barbacoa
Smoked Snapper Dip - THUMB.jpgSmoked Snapper DipDanish Smoked Shrimp - THUMB.jpgDanish Smoked Shrimp
Grilled Sangria - THUMB.jpgGrilled SangriaLemon Sesame Chicken Wings - THUMB.jpgLemon Sesame Chicken Wings
The Project Smoke Cheesesteak - THUMB.jpgThe Project Smoke CheesesteakCape Town Lamb - THUMB.jpgCape Town Lamb
Chocolate Bread Pudding - THUMB.jpgChocolate Bread PuddingSmoked Suckling Pig - THUMB.jpgSmoked Suckling Pig
Triple Thick Porkchops - THUMB.jpgTriple Thick PorkchopsHay Smoked Quail Eggs - THUMB.jpgHay Smoked Quail Eggs


























































































































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