The new 10-episode series, TO DINE FOR WITH KATE SULLIVAN, is an invitation to dine with some of the world’s most brilliant and innovative minds. the series is hosted and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Sullivan.

During each 30-minute episode Kate travels the country and overseas to interview her special guests at their favorite restaurants. From the origins of Spanish tapas in Barcelona, Spain with Chef José Andrés, to the classic Chicago comfort staple of deep dish pizza with designer Jason Mayden, viewers learn where they love to eat and why they love to eat it.

TO DINE FOR WITH KATE SULLIVAN is also a celebration of the American dream. While the series features the atmosphere, the location, the ambiance, and a favorite meal of each particular guest, the food is just the first course. During the meal, Kate’s guest talks about how they made it, how they struggled, how they define success and how they tried to achieve it. Since all of the guests have created “something out of nothing,” the ideas and lessons learned will be the main entrée and will leave the viewer hungry for more.

Each episode of the series features guests who are the "go getters," the "creators" and "dreamers" – having turned ideas into success stories. They are entrepreneurs, change agents, musicians, actors, and truly fascinating people who are changing the world.

Kate Sullivan, a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, traveler, and life-long foodie, hosts and produces the series. Kate has spent 18 years in small, medium, and large television markets across the United States. For the last 10 years, she has been the primary evening news anchor for CBS Chicago and the morning news anchor for CBS New York. Her passion for storytelling is undeniable.

TO DINE FOR WITH KATE SULLIVAN is intended to be entertaining and aspirational to new points of travel, restaurants to experience, and ideas to digest.

Funding for this series is provided by American National Insurance and Kendra Scott. This series is produced by Shotput Media Group, presented by Maryland Public Television and distributed by American Public Television. Viewers interested in watching the new series are encouraged to contact your public television station to find out when it will be available in your area.