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Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch an old MPT program

Option 1 – Stream online through the MPT Classics library
Dozens of local and national programs produced by the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting and Maryland Public Television in its initial decades are currently available to view using MPT’s streaming video player, available at, or the PBS App, localized to MPT. 

To browse available titles in the MPT Classics library, click HERE. 

Option 2 – Stream online through Digital Collections at the University of Maryland
Thousands of programs are held in the MPT Collection at the University of Maryland (UMD), and more than 700 of those programs can be viewed online through the university’s Digital Collections website. 

To browse MPT programs currently available on the UMD website, click HERE. Alternatively, you can visit to explore the university’s full collection of audio and video materials currently available to play online. 

Option 3 – Stream online through the American Archive for Public Broadcasting
More than 1,500 MPT programs have been digitized as part of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) historic preservation project. At present, nearly 1,300 of those titles are available to view on the AAPB website at

To browse MPT programs currently available to view on the AAPB website, click HERE. From this page, you can also explore and learn more about the hundreds of other programs that have been digitized to date as well as records of programs and other materials that have not yet been digitized. 

Both AAPB and UMD continue to update their websites as programs are digitized and ingested. If a desired MPT program is not currently viewable online, it may become available as work on each site progresses. 

Option 4 – Place an order to have a program digitized
Digitizing old programs requires working with an outside vendor that has specialized technical equipment. If a program you’re seeking exists in MPT’s physical storage but has not yet been digitized, you may submit a request to have the program digitized on your behalf. 

In such cases, you will pay the vendor cost for digitization – often approximately $75-100 per program – and MPT will expedite the digitization process. The digital program file will then be sent directly to you in your preferred format (cloud drive, USB drive, etc.) and will also be submitted to UMD and AAPB to be made available to the public.

To request that an MPT program be digitized, reach out to Michael MacFee, director, Communications Services, at

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