Chesapeake Collectibles: Season 10
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The Season 10 Anniversary Chesapeake Collectibles Event held over the weekend of Aug 3 & 4, 2019 was a brilliant success!

In all, this production involved almost 100 production personnel… 365 collectors, each with a companion…and 846 antiques over the period of two days.

65 segments with collectors were filmed and fashioned into half-hour shows. Now it’s time to see the new series.


Airs Mondays at 7:30pm on MPT-HD (right before Antiques Roadshow)

• Repeats Saturdays at 7:30pm (MPT2)

Chesapeake Collectibles Season 10


Premiere date: January 6, 2020

Episode Description

SEASON 10 PREMIERE! NASA Photographer’s collection with John Glenn in-space relic - one of the series highest valued collections. An ancestor’s ball gown worn to dance with Pres. George Washington in 1791. $5K painting salvaged from trash, and rare local jazz memorabilia.


Premiere date: January 13, 2020

Episode Description

Bruce Crane nature painting, 19th C. Russian silver coffee set, 19th C. gold & diamond ladies pocket watch, classic Winchester rifles. Appraiser Highlight: Ready to sell?


Premiere date: January 20, 2020

Episode Description

Photograph of Beatles, signed by Fab Four on their 1964 US Tour. Prominent German family memorabilia, including exquisite candlesticks. Classic Baltimore Album Quilt. Rare Filipino Bugle.


Premiere date: January 27, 2020

Episode Description

18th Century elegiac embroidery worth thousands, dramatic 1852 painting of whaling ships – with a puzzle. African-American Staffordshire statues . Cast iron 1930’s toys. An antique edition of Ingoldsby Legends.


Premiere date: February 3, 2020

Episode Description

An ornate antique pocket knife worth thousands; quirky Japanese dolls from post-WWII American occupation; a rare hand-woven Scandinavian tapestry; apparently fraudulent paintings signed by Picasso & Degas. “MA BELL” C&P memorabilia – and yes, includes a gold watch. Highlight: Appraiser Pamela Cole: Fakes vs Reproductions.

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Major funding for Season 10 of Chesapeake Collectibles is provided by Alex Cooper Auctioneers, Inc., and the generous members of Maryland Public Television.

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