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MPT Acquisitions

MPT recognizes the importance of local and independent filmmakers and their unique ability to capture truths about the world with artistic integrity, intelligence, and balance. MPT supports these artists and gives viewers access to these voices and viewpoints they may not otherwise see. Their programs provide viewers with a better understanding of their world, an open door to the arts, and actionable information to improve their daily lives.

Upcoming programs

Tales of Belair at Bowie

Airing Saturday, February 20 at 7pm on MPT
Belair at Bowie, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, was one of Maryland's first planned communities. Built in the early 1960s by developer William Levitt, widely credited as 'The Father of Suburbia,' Belair at Bowie promised an idyllic suburban lifestyle, but was this community everything that was originally promised in the sale brochure? This whimsically nostalgic film by Bowie native Jeff Krulik presents first-hand memories and tours of homes from original residents of the community mixed with archival footage and photos. Clips from a 1960's West German documentary shot in the community are interspersed through the film, providing an ironic commentary on 1960s American suburban life.  The film also takes a more serious look at the racial tensions that turned to protests of Levitt’s discriminatory sales practices, as well as the challenges of building a flourishing community in a geographically secluded area.

Pieced Together

Airing Sunday, March 28th at 3:00 pm on MPT
After losing her job, Donna Sue Groves had an idea: pretty up an old barn for her mother Nina Maxine, a celebrated quilter, by hanging a wooden square painted to look like a traditional quilt block. Eventually, Donna Sue's idea would spark a grass roots phenomenon, a new form of American public art, and a cross-country community that would support her during her battle with breast cancer.