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Impact Funds - Direct Your Support Where It Matters Most to You 

What are Impact Funds?

Impact Funds enable you to give to what you love by aligning personal and philanthropic values with MPT’s key strategic priorities. Impact Funds provide funding for extending MPT’s reach in education, history, the arts, diversity, technology, and other critical areas.

Why give?

Your gift to an Impact Fund will advance the strategic priorities that best reflect your passion and vision. Your gift is a shared investment with others who match your values. Together, your generous gifts empower MPT to “think big” and develop ideas with the best potential to impact lives throughout our region.

Why Now?

Great ideas can come from anywhere and at any time. Your gift to an Impact Fund offers the station flexible funding capable of responding to emerging opportunities and fundamentally shaping what tomorrow looks like in your community.

Where do you want to make your impact?

MPT’s Six Impact Funds:

New Initiatives Fund

MPT’s New Initiatives Fund (NIF) provides critical seed money to “green light” special and local productions that break new ground for MPT and the communities we serve.  New, original content is the lifeblood of MPT, and NIF productions have won numerous honors, including regional Emmy® Awards, all while enriching the lives of viewers. Thanks to the innovative ideas and programs that NIF has made possible, MPT is widely recognized as a leader in local programming among PBS stations nationwide. 

The Center for Maryland History Films

Across our diverse state, there are millions of fascinating stories to tell be told about the people, places, and events that have shaped our unique history and culture. Expanding our ability to create new documentaries that explore our state’s rich history allows MPT to celebrate the Free State’s unique character and share our stories with the rest of the nation.

Maryland Center for Media Literacy & Education

The learning landscape has shifted significantly in recent years, and MPT’s team of talented educators and media literacy specialists are the trusted partners for teachers and families.  From early childhood education to college and career readiness, to the lifelong learning that enriches us all, MPT is one of the most trusted and vital players in Maryland’s educational ecosystem and is leading the charge in creating a comprehensive approach to media literacy education.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

MPT seeks to present and produce a variety of programs and initiatives for our viewers that highlight the incredible diversity of our region while also examining bias and challenging assumptions so that we may all grow together.  Through efforts to expand our awareness in serving those who have been traditionally underrepresented in media, MPT strives to share more of the diversity that makes our region strong. 

Arts & Performance

The arts play a vital role in how we interact with others and see our world. Crossing all divides, the arts help us access meaning in our own lives and connect with others.  MPT’s wide reach on-air and online breaks down barriers to the arts, convening with artists and creating proven partnerships that deliver the arts to viewers of all ages.

Issues of Consequence

MPT provides access to courageously honest reporting and information that is fiercely independent, accountable, and transparent to the public. Our trustworthy local news and public affairs programs including "State Circle", and, "Direct Connection", dovetail with national programs like "PBS NewsHour" and "Washington Week" to provide the perspective and context that allow viewers to think critically about complex topics.

Want to learn more?  Please contact:

Anna Trapani
Major Gift Officer, Development Department | (410) 581-4114