About MPT

MPT's Mission

Maryland Public Television enriches lives and strengthens communities through the power of media.

A Vision for the Community

We envision a region of dynamic communities where people - informed, inspired and moved by insights gained through use of MPT's public media services - engage in respectful dialog, develop common aspirations and together create a healthier and more vibrant society.

» 2019 Local Content and Service Report to the Community (.pdf)

Guiding Values

Lifelong Learning
We believe that people want to know and understand the world around them, that all of us are nurtured as humans by exposure to the arts, nature, science and innovation.

Caring for Others
We believe children are our future; they deserve a safe and substantive learning environment. We believe older adults offer invaluable experience and wisdom; their independence and vitality should be encouraged, their stories and dignity honored.

We believe a well-spent leisure refreshes and rejuvenates; a respite from the pressures of modern life helps renew physical, spiritual, mental and social well-being, leading to hope for a better tomorrow.

Mutual Respect
We believe that our society is enhanced when people have access to diverse perspectives, presented in a balanced way and free from commercial influence.

Civic Engagement
We believe that individuals who participate in civic life and calm discourse are more content with their lives, and civilization is advanced when people engage with their communities.


2020 Station Presentation

Annual highlights from Maryland Public Television.