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About MPT

MPT's Mission

Maryland Public Television enriches lives and strengthens all communities through the power of media.

Guiding Principles

We'll pursue truth, transparency, and accuracy in all our actions on behalf of those we serve. We'll earn and keep the trust placed in us.

Each staff member will treat others inside and outside our organization as each of us wishes to be treated. We will demonstrate impartiality and compassion, patience and understanding in all our dealings with others.

Servant leadership
We won’t forget that we are a staff who exists to serve the people, institutions, and organizations of Maryland and beyond. We'll be good citizens and cultivate good citizenship in others.

We are journalists, storytellers, and curators who shall constantly pursue new, engaging ways to entertain, educate, and inspire our audiences.

In our program content, education services, and events, we won’t act alone but shall seek out partners to enrich our activities, give voice to an array of viewpoints, foster dialogue, and enhance our ability to reach audiences everywhere.

Customer Service Pledge

MPT is a public service and educational media organization that serves members, donors, viewers, and the community at large. We pledge to serve these individuals and their families first by listening closely to fully understand their needs, concerns, and requests.

We want our constituents to know they are important to us and that they are appreciated. We do this by demonstrating patience, respect, and responsiveness. Whether a caller gets in touch for just a friendly chat or needs help with a problem, we'll listen closely and be sincerely interested, never forgetting that our constituents also deserve fast, efficient service. We are an organization that values kindness and understanding more than formal business protocols.

MPT will do its utmost to help our constituents understand our services, technology, and systems so they can fully appreciate and engage with our content.

We strive to be timely in our responses, say “yes” whenever possible, always fulfill what we promise, and apologize when something goes wrong. MPT will work to exceed expectations, always thanking our members, donors, and viewers and soliciting their feedback at every opportunity. This is our customer service pledge.