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The MPT Classics Channel

Giving new life to some old gems

Remember when watching television meant sitting in front of your TV set at a certain time and day of the week to catch the program you wanted to see?  And if you missed it, tough luck!  (...or wait for summer reruns.)

Well, those days are over!  With the advent of the digital age, programs can now stream on a variety of platforms, wherever and whenever you want.

And that means that many of our programs from back-in-the-day are coming off the shelves.  MPT is bringing selections from its archives to the MPT Classics streaming channel.  Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy these "blasts from the past" any time you like!

About the channel

MPT Classics takes you back to some feel-good programs from the MPT vault. Each month we present new selections from the past that complement some current themes of today.


Music for the Seoul: A Maryland State of Mind Special (2001)

Destination Maryland

Covered Bridges: Spanning Time - An Outdoors Maryland Special (2009)

Destination Maryland

Love Our Parks: An Outdoors Maryland Special (2009)

MPT Classics

Love Our Parks: An Outdoors Maryland Special

The history of Maryland parklands as told through the voices of park officials, conservationists, history buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts. The film includes stops at Ft. McHenry, Antietam National Battlefield, Patapsco State Park, New Germany State Park, and Janes Island State Park, among others.

Hiroshima Anniversary - August 6

Maryland Generations - The War (2007)

MPT Classics

Maryland Generations - The War

This MPT documentary, originally a lead-in to Ken Burns' film The War, presented stories of local World War II veterans. The film depicted struggle and sacrifice on the battle front and the home front.

The Olympics

Artworks This Week: Jim McKay Special (2003)

MPT Classics

Artworks This Week: Jim McKay Special

For many years, the beloved television commentator and face of the Olympic games for the American audience was Marylander Jim McKay.  Enjoy going back to this warm and intimate interview from 2003 that was conducted by MPT's own beloved Rhea Feikin.

Olympic Whitewater: Maryland's Quest for the Gold  (1992)

MPT Classics

Olympic Whitewater: Maryland's Quest for the Gold

Another gem from the archives is this program featuring hopeful athletes from Maryland and their attempts to make the U.S. Whitewater Canoe & Kayak team that headed to the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Did they make the cut?  Watch and see!