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An appraiser’s journey

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Chesapeake Collectibles appraiser Appraiser Genise Lee
Appraiser Genise Lee

There were two consequences after Genice Lee became joyfully immersed in every rummage, yard and estate sale she could find. The first was the honing of an astute eye for artifact acquisition. The second was the reaction of her husband, who was concerned their home “was starting to look like a thrift store.”

If she couldn’t change her activity, he mused, maybe she could make money at it. That was the start of Lee’s journey to a career as an appraiser, which includes providing her expertise to guests who bring their treasures to be evaluated on Chesapeake Collectibles.

Owner of Texas-based Harvest Estate and Appraisal Services LLC, Lee has a wide range of academic and professional credentials that include the qualifications she pursued following the challenge from her spouse: She’s an accredited senior appraiser of the American Society of Appraisers and an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers. 

Lee’s recommendation for anyone interested in a career as an appraiser is to start by becoming a member of one of those associations. You’ll then get the guidance and opportunities for an extensive set of classes and training. She notes that there will be lots of choices to make about education in different categories of specialization, plus the need to meet requirements for hands-on experience with mentorship from working professionals.

Lee says the life of an appraiser includes the kind of connoisseurship seen on Chesapeake Collectibles, but that “it also can be a grind.” The latter entails everything from the “discovery” of dead mice in storage units to the sadness that can go along with settling an estate. 

 But, she adds, “It’s all of the above that keeps the profession interesting. And I really enjoy working with families.”

 As Chesapeake Collectibles fans celebrate the return of the show for its 11th season, they can revisit the revelations of past years by streaming episodes found on the program’s website at