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Friday, January 27 at 9pm on MPT - The Roots Residency

Hip Hop legends The Roots give an electrifying performance during their residency at the Kennedy Center. Beyond the stage, the band endeavors to inspire others and explore the depths of their creative potential.

Next at the Kennedy Center

The Roots Perform "Proceed" at the Kennedy Center

Hip Hop Culture legends The Roots perform "Proceed" at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

About the program

Spotlighting cultural leaders from the worlds of hip hop, jazz, folk, comedy, modern dance, and more. Captured to match the unique style of the artists, each episode weaves together performances filmed live at the Kennedy Center with intimate off-stage moments to contextualize their significance and impact. Reflecting the diversity of today’s performing arts in America and featuring a dynamic mix of rising stars and renowned artists, the series explores the enduring influence of artistic changemakers such as The Roots, Charles Mingus and Joni Mitchell, through the eyes of the artists they helped inspire.