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Wednesday, June 1 at 9pm on MPT - Touching the Asteroid

If spacecraft OSIRIS-REx can grab a piece of an asteroid and bring it back to Earth, scientists could gain great insight into our planet's origins—and even how to defend against rogue asteroids. But NASA only gets three shots at collecting a sample.


Touching the Asteroid Promo

Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx attempts to grab a piece of an asteroid to bring it back to Earth.

Wednesday, June 1 at 10pm on MPT - Great Escape at Dunkirk

Join archaeologists and divers recovering remains of ships and planes lost during World War II’s epic Dunkirk operation. Discover new evidence of the ingenious technology that helped save Allied forces from defeat by the encircling Germans.


Great Escape at Dunkirk Preview

How courage and ingenuity saved Allied troops during the epic Dunkirk operation in 1940.

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