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Outdoors Maryland

Outdoors Maryland New Look

In season 34, Outdoors Maryland returns with the same engaging stories and stunning visuals audiences have come to expect, while debuting a fresh look and a new theme song more than a year in the making. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the people, places– and birds– involved in this much-anticipated update. 

Directed by
Sarah Sampson 

Videography by 
Tim Pugh 
Nick Caloyianis 

Drone photography by 
Michael Estrabillo 

Graphics and Animation 
John Pszeniczny 

Editing by 
Sarah Sampson 
Frank Batavick 

Color Correction 
Alan Dubin 

Associate Producer 
Titus Burrell 

Original Music 
Mark Hopkins 

Original Music Mix 
Drew Mazurek 

Sound Design
Jillian T. Kuchman 

Special Thanks 
Angela Crenshaw 
Beatrice Daudelin 
David Parks & Hilda 
Irvine Nature Center 
Adam Poe  
Sam Mann and MPT Maintenance Staff