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Boy Scouts of Harlem 759

National public television viewers can see the power of this transformative organization in Boy Scouts of Harlem 759. The film is a charming and gentle exploration of how the Boy Scouts – along with two weeks at a magnificent summer scout camp -- can change a group of boys from Harlem into young men.

Through these boys' eyes, we see camaraderie, structure, and personal growth in a world that is quite removed from their homes in Harlem. But the real story is the personal growth they experience, and how one formative week can change a boy's outlook on life forever. The images are enhanced by the haunting and emotional music soundtrack of a soloist performing a traditional spiritual.

Over fifty million Americans have had connections to, or have been members of this formative organization. "Boy Scouts of Harlem 759" is the perfect film to celebrate one hundred years of the Boys Scouts of America.

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