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The Celtic Tenors: No Boundaries

The Celtic Tenors are sensational young men from Ireland whose beautiful voices and emotional songs can make grown men –and women-- weep. They are one of the most successful classical crossover artists ever to come from the Emerald Isle.

Their early name, The Three (Young) Irish Tenors, sparked confusion with another Irish group, but an impromptu audition in the boardroom of music publisher EMI resulted in a legendary contract-on-the-spot, and their new name, The Celtic Tenors. Their debut album in 2000 became the "first Christmas Number 1 Classical album of the new Millenium." The group found it had a talent for breaking the 'Tenor mold' and created something called 'Celtic Crossover.'

Their songs and performances have received international acclaim. Enormously popular in Germany, they recorded their first full-length program, Ein Grosser Irisher Abend, which went on to become the PBS special, Celebrate with the Celtic Tenors. Now James Nelson, Matthew Gilsenan and Daryl Simpson, along with music director Colm Henry, have recorded their latest public television music special, No Boundaries, on a nightspot set built in the studios at Maryland Public Television in Baltimore.

The program features wonderful Irish traditional music including I'll Tell Me Ma and Finnegan's Wake. It also features some of the best American traditional music by legends like Stephen Foster (Hard Times) and Irish contemporary composers, such as Phil Coulter (The Town I Loved So Well, Remember) and Jimmy McCarthy (The Mad Lady & Me).

It is a stunning show that audiences will respond to with passion. Indeed, the enthusiastic audience for this program gave a spontaneous standing ovation to Remember, a song about our men and women in uniform, which obviously touched the very fiber of their souls.

The No Boundaries concert by The Celtic Tenors is a performance not to be missed, and one that audiences will want to watch again and again. This national pledge program is sure to be a winner in any station membership drive. And the Celtic Tenors will make a 2010 U.S. tour that will support station pledge drives with studio appearances and tickets to performances to share with viewers. Your station can have 'the luck of the Irish' with The Celtic Tenors!