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Chesapeake Beacons

They’ve illuminated the world’s harbors and shorelines for centuries. Seen today as remnants of a time gone by, lighthouses still shine up and down the coastline of the Chesapeake Bay. Towers of light once only meant to guide ships and help them avoid danger now entice people to approach and take a closer look.

Chesapeake Beacons is a breathtaking survey of the Chesapeake Bay’s most treasured navigation landmarks. The journey begins at Cape Henry, near the mouth of the bay, and travels northward to Turkey Point at its headwaters. Filmed with stunning bird’s-eye aerials, up close and personal tours, and motion time-lapse views that capture their iconic, time-honored beauty, we discover every beacon is unique. Pausing to admire each shape and form, we learn why they came into existence, how they were built, and explore their legends and lore.

A visual spectacle for viewers, this hour-hour special features fantastic stories, never-before-seen aerials, up close visits and maritime history that will be enjoyed by regional and national audiences alike. This spectacular journey through America’s largest estuary reveals an awe-inspiring array of history, architecture and views of lighthouses that you will never forget.