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Station Relations

Great American Outdoors

Maryland Public Television is proud to present a 30-minute, nationally distributed, weekly magazine-style series featuring the best of regional outdoors content. The series will be produced using popular content already created by public television stations nationwide. Great American Outdoors is a collection of visually stunning stories that highlight all the splendor and activities that America's unique landscapes have to offer.

Click here to download the Welcome Letter and Participation Form

Interested stations are encouraged to respond as soon as possible

A Proven Model

Great American Outdoors - a high quality outdoors series produced in collaboration with public television stations nationwide:

  • Clips collected from public television stations across the country
  • A variety of content from preservation to recreational activities... and beyond


password: gaompt

Program Clips:

MPT National

Great American Outdoors - Segment #1

MPT National

Great American Outdoors - Segment #2

Curated by Maryland Public Television:

  • MPT will collect segments, create & distribute program to participating stations
  • Produce an anticipated 22 to 26 half hour episodes in the first season

MPT will provide content ready to air or that can be customized for your market:

  • OPTION 1: Stations can use the version hosted by national talent
  • OPTION 2: Stations can use a feed of Option 1 with a paper rundown and produce your own host wraps and title graphics to localize for your market

Participating Station Benefits

Stations can choose to either submit program segments for the show, air the full series or both!

  • Low cost, collaborative way to create new programming
  • Evergreen series
  • Series will have a companion website
  • 2 year license designed for 52 week play
  • Graphics packages
  • Ratings & station carriage information
  • Promotional materials
  • Potential to earn season 2 credit through submitting segments
  • Additional segments for use on your local station website

Projected Station Cost (per year)

Market RankFirst Year Fee (projected)
Top 25$14,500 annually
26 to 50$12,000 annually
51 and higher$9,500 annually

Project Timeline:

  • Spring 2015 - Pilot episode completed
  • June - July 2015 - Interested Stations should contract the series
  • January 2016 – Start of weekly program satellite feeds
  • April 2016 – Rights window for series begins

Distribution Process:

  • Programs will be fed to stations via PBS satellite beginning late January 2016

Click here to download the Welcome Letter and Participation Form

Interested stations are encouraged to respond as soon as possible

For more information, or to contract the series:

Phillip Guthrie

Sr. Director - National Distribution & Marketing

Maryland Public Television