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Evolution of America: 1619 to Today

Retro Clip of John Davis from the First Episode in 1981

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MotorWeek - Clip of the first episode from 1981

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MotorWeek Celebrates 35 Years on PBS

MotorWeek's milestone 2015-2016 season will follow the rapidly changing social and political dynamics that are pushing cars into an unpredictable and exciting new future.

In 1981, MotorWeek launched a new television genre by becoming the first weekly magazine series to blend consumer-oriented car and truck reviews with car care advice and lifestyle stories that show America's evolving love affair with the car. Along the way, MotorWeek has also become a leading media advocate in automotive fuel efficiency and safety, contributing countless hours of airtime to advances in both areas.

There have been enormous changes to the family car over the 35 years that MotorWeek has been on the air. Every part of the automobile has undergone transformation with the biggest changes in powertrain and control design. From electric, natural gas, and now hydrogen powered cars, to the rapidly approaching fully autonomous car, MotorWeek's unbiased team of experts review all the latest new car technologies.

The winner of dozens of prestigious automotive journalism awards, MotorWeek is the most reliable source of automotive information on television and on the Web. Viewership for the series continues to be strong with an uptick in audience among key demographics year over year between January 1, 2015 and June, 30, 2015. For example, in men 18+ viewership is up 43% and for men 25 -54 viewership is up 28%.

Season 35 of MotorWeek will also draw parallels from the past with retrospectives dating back to the 80's. The series will look back at how far specific family car types have progressed over our generation, through both a special anniversary episode, and weekly MotorWeek Flashback vignettes.

Come along for the ride, when Host John Davis, Master Technician Pat Goss and the rest of MotorWeek's talented team present rigorous and unbiased evaluations of all the new vehicles on car buyer's wish lists.



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