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If you’re intrigued by all things bivalve, then Oysterfest is a treat not to be missed. This compilation of three short films, each exploring a different aspect of the oyster’s place in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, history and culture. 

The Incredible Oyster Reef explains why these filter feeders are a keystone species in the Bay with an indispensable ability to heal its waters. Lifeline: A Chesapeake Oyster Documentary examines why Chesapeake oyster populations have plummeted over the past century and the oyster’s impact on our society and culture.

Rounding out the half-hour, The Local Oyster Stout offers some lighter fare: the story of a collaboration among an oyster farmer, a shucker, and a brewer to create what they call Maryland’s first oyster farm-to-table Oyster Stout Beer.