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Ronan Tynan: More Than Magic

Ronan Tynan is an extraordinary singer with international acclaim. His voice has charmed presidents and monarchs, baseball fans, veterans and more. Now, in his first televised concert with his personal band, Ronan takes us musically where few performers dare to tread - performing across all musical genres like rock 'n roll, opera, country and wonderful Irish ballads. Only a limited number of singers can perform beyond their specialty, but Ronan Tynan brings down the house with songs like: Bruce Springsteen's "Into The Fire" and U2's "All I Want Is You," along with crowd favorites like "Hallejuah," "Coming Home" and, of course, "Danny Boy." Ronan even shows off his vocal prowess with a powerful aria from Tosca, "Lucevan de Stelle," leaving the audience stunned by his virtuosity.

While the public may remember him as the man who sang at Ronald Reagan's funeral, or that he sang at 63 funerals of victims of the World Trade Towers - few know of Tynan's rise to fame. Indeed, in the middle of Ronan Tynan: More Than Magic, viewers will learn some of his early history – like how he lost both legs after a car accident at 20, yet went on to become an athlete and eventually set 18 world records at the Paralympics (nine of them which still stand). Growing stronger from this success, and the confidence it engendered, he went on to become a medical doctor in sports medicine. Then, improbable struck once more when friends familiar with his voice from sessions at Irish pubs, urged him to enter a British television singing competition. He won, of course, and the rest is history, as Ronan Tynan began a professional singing career at 33.

Ronan Tynan's life, and voice, are nothing short of amazing and inspirational! Viewers will be astounded, delighted, and even moved to tears as Ronan sings some of the most moving and beautiful songs. It's been said that many artists are bigger than life… Ronan Tynan is one of the few international performers who actually delivers!