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Secrets of the Chesapeake

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Secrets of the Chesapeake
60 Minutes, 2012

From the stillness of the mass underwater graves of ancient ships to the eye-popping, eardrum-busting fighter jets of Pax River, they claim the title of the Chesapeake's best-kept secrets. From buried treasure to haunted lighthouses, crazy legends and myths, eccentric sporting -- even characters wacky and a little bizarre -- to provincial cuisine and natural wonders, the Bay and surrounding locales are alive with obscure-but-fascinating destinations.

For the armchair adventurer among us who craves the uncanny -- for those who veer off-the- beaten-path -- our new guide to discovering these home-grown places is Secrets of the Chesapeake.

Secrets of the Chesapeake is a new Maryland Public Television production that travels the Chesapeake region – east and west, north and south, from mountain to marsh – to ask locals for sage advice to discover and uncover the most unusual places to explore and things to do for the weekender.

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