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Soulful Symphony with Darin Atwater

Nation's acclaimed African American orchestra makes National Debut

Eighty-five members strong and founded by celebrated artistic director Darin Atwater, the nation's premiere African American orchestra makes its national television debut.

Recorded at MPT studios in high definition, Soulful Symphony with Darin Atwater, one of Maryland's most unique musical treasures, will perform genre-crossing, original compositions—told in musical styles ranging from gospel to jazz to symphonic.

The 80-minute performance, featuring Atwater's symphony "Song in a Strange Land," a powerful, unforgettable anthem to the spirit of African Americans, will leave viewers spellbound.

Founded by Atwater in 2000, Soulful Symphony with Darin Atwater—a uniquely versatile ensemble of string orchestra, brass, reeds, chorus and rhythm—showcases some of the finest instrumentalists and vocalists in the country.

From soothing strings to the power of the gospel choir, from blazing brass to the pulse and fire of a rhythm section, Soulful Symphony with Darin Atwater has it all for a complete, exciting experience. It's a new sound for a new century!

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