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Another Dawn: Tilghman in Transition

Another Dawn: Tilghman in Transition
30 minutes, 2014

Like generations before them, Tilghman Island's watermen get up every morning and head out to wrest a living from the Chesapeake Bay; "it's in their blood." But increasingly they find it a challenge to make a living. As the Bay's bounty declines, regulation increases, and the cost of operating a workboat escalates, watermen turn to other livelihoods and their wives find office jobs to supplement their family's income and provide health benefits. Another Dawn: Tilghman in Transition picks up the watermen's story where it left off in Growing up on Tilghman, the previous film produced by the Tilghman Watermen's Museum. How do they deal with all the changes? How do they adapt? What do they see as the future for this true watermen's community? What remains clear through all of their words, however, is the generosity, ingenuity, and beauty that distinguish this special community.

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