Giving Tuesday

MPT is for our Children:
MPT is your local source of PBS KIDS, the number one provider of engaging and educational content for young children and an important resource for parents - especially those whose children are most at risk.

MPT is for Parents and Educators:
MPT offers parents and educators access to the best of public media and research-based, home and classroom-ready digital learning experiences to engage students with curriculum-structured learning.

MPT is for Generations:
This year marks MPT and Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary. Remember when you were learning to count with the Count? Learning through imagination isn’t much different than dreaming – did you ever dream that you, your children, your nieces, nephews, even grandchildren would be learning from Sesame Street just as you did? Did you ever imagine that you would still be watching MPT and learning more about the world around you?

MPT is for our Community:
Diversity and engagement strengthen MPT as a community institution through events, forums, local documentaries and more. Won’t you help us keep MPT’s legacy alive with a contribution today?

Giving Tuesday