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Premiered: Friday, October 15, 2021 at 7:30pm on MPT

WATCH 2021 Baker Artist Awards

2021 Baker Artist Awards

2021 Baker Artist Awards Special

Maryland Public Television has produced and broadcast the annual Baker Artist Awards Special for more than ten years. The format of the show, which profiles each year’s remarkable awardees, has evolved over the years in response to changes in the award structure. 

This year ‘s Baker Special ventures deep into uncharted waters, celebrating nearly three dozen recipients of $2,500 grants. This includes up to six awardees in each of six genres: Visual Arts, Multi-Interdisciplinary, Music, Performance, Film & Video and Literary Arts.

The Special is a testament to the exceptional vitality of the greater Baltimore arts community, which has been hit hard by restrictions on gatherings and performances due to COVID-19. Each artful :30 second profile captures some essence of each artist’s creative gestalt.

Connie Imboden, President of the Board of Governors of the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, enthusiastically describes the decision to help as many artists as possible through a wider distribution of many smaller grants. “We are thrilled to recognize and support our largest pool of awardees ever. This incredible group of artists represents just a fraction of the excellent artistic work being produced in Baltimore.” 

The range of this area’s creative diversity is remarkable: a new media artist creates “Polipop” paintings, poets write of robots & peaches, “crankie” shadow puppets tumble deep into blue, a hilarious performance artist advises monsters on the ”art of avoiding being caught by Humans.” 

There is a retrospective look at last year’s award-winners but no single big prize this year.

The 2021 Baker Artist Awards Special is hosted by Artwork’s new Host, Wendel Patrick, himself a Baker Award-winner in 2015. A classical pianist and Hip Hop artist, Wendel brings contemporary verve and pacing to the flexible innovative format.

The Baker Artist Portfolio website and associated awards were established by the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund and are managed by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance

The 2021 Baker Artist Awards premieres Friday, October 15, at 7:30pm on MPT-HD. Encore airings are Saturday, October 16, at 8:00pm on MPT-2, and Sunday morning, October 17, at 6:30am on MPT-HD. In addition, the Special can be viewed online at and the websites.


  • Saturday, October 16, 8:00pm on MPT-2
  • Sunday, October 17, 6:30am on MPT-HD

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