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Jam and Jerusalem

Thursday, May 23at 8pm on MPT - Holy Potato

It is Harvest Festival time and the members of the Ladies Guild set about collecting food and decorating the church for the event. However, the vicar is even more bad-tempered than usual, moaning about the donations of tinned goods to the fair and that Eileen keeps interrupting his church ceremonies. So when Rosie questions him about hearing the voice of God and her desire to be a vicar, he brushes her off saying that vicars usually get some sort of calling or sign from God.

Thursday, May 23 at 8:30 pm on MPT - Inspection

Tip and Colin are up to their eyes in paperwork on the farm as the lambs are off to be slaughtered. When old widower farmer Elijah gets in a pickle with a dead cow, Tip decides they need to get Elijah back on track with his paperwork and his life and calls in help from Sal and the rest of the Guild.

About the program

Comedy drama series about village life written by Jennifer Saunders. Clatterford is a small town, with a good cross section of people, local shops and a late night convenience store - a place which also has a thriving Women's Guild; who promote truth, justice, tolerance and fellowship - or is it just an excuse for a good old gossip? Without a job and feeling very much alone, Sal slowly realizes that she needs the Guild as much as they need her.

Preview: Jam and Jerusalem