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Tips for Guests

Tips for Guests Joining MPT Programs via Zoom or Skype

  • The basics... have some light on your face, avoid having a bright window behind you, and try to elevate the camera so it's near eye-level.
  • Placing a few books under a laptop works well.
  • Zoom can superimpose virtual backgrounds, but that does not look good on TV.
  • Avoid wearing all white.
  • For men, a tie and/or sport coat add to a professional look.
  • If using a cell phone or tablet it should be positioned horizontally and placed on a solid surface.
  • Ethernet delivers a better connection than wifi which is better than cellular.
  • It's best if there aren't too many other applications running on the device and if there aren't other people using a lot of data on the same connection at the same time (video games, video streaming.)
  • If possible, please have either wired earbuds (the kind with a built-in microphone) or airpods available if needed for audio quality.

We're always glad to do a pre-interview camera and sound check.

Thank you for your consideration!