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Tips for Guests

Tips for Guests Joining MPT Programs via Zoom or Skype

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with MPT viewers! Here are some tips to make the interview look and sound professional:

  • We encourage guests to have a set of earbuds available in case they are needed. Even the inexpensive wired kind (with a microphone embedded in the cord) can often improve a noisy call.
  • For video, make sure there is light on your face and avoid having a bright window behind you. The camera should be at eye-level. Placing a few books under a laptop can help with that.
  • Please do not use Zoom virtual backgrounds or the blur function. These features do not upscale well for broadcast TV.
  • If using a cell phone or tablet it should be positioned horizontally and placed on a solid surface.
  • A wifi connection is usually better than cellular. Ethernet is even better.
  • If you've had connection trouble in the past try closing any other active programs on the device.

We're always glad to connect early for a camera and sound check.