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Standing Against Racism: Fostering Unity Through Dialogue

Message from Larry D. Unger, President & CEO

Our nation is still obsessed with race, and the events of the past year have done nothing to lessen the truth of that. Whether it's the backlash from the George Floyd killing last year or the current conversation about motives for the recent murders in Georgia, there's ample evidence of strife, injustice, and antagonism all around.
No matter what political system dominates our local, state, and national governance, we all like to think that our nation is populated by people whose view of the common good rises above politics.  In 2021, we like to think that, through civility, fairness, and restraint, we can maintain our republic and prevent its fracturing as we pursue the common good.
So, how do we do that? In my view, we sustain our republic if all men and women commit themselves to the dignity of the human person as the first principle of just governance and moral behavior.  Without this principle - in theory and in practice - our nation will continue to be roiled in unrest and divided in outlook.
Incidents of hate directed at any segment of our population are to be condemned.  Open-minded men and women of reason will recognize that as a pre-condition for democracy. MPT will continue to operate with this vision of society in which each and every person has value, is worthy of respect, and is an equal partner in this great enterprise that is the United States of America.  
MPT's ongoing "Standing Against Racism: Fostering Unity Through Dialogue" initiative embraces the principle that men and women of goodwill must stand together to oppose hate in all its ugly manifestations. We all have much work to do.