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Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke - Season 3

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Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke - Season Three Preview


Maryland Public Television is pleased to present the third season of the smokin’ hot series, Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke. From the man who launched a revolution in live-fire cooking comes a third electrifying season of the show that brings the art of smoking and grilling from the competition barbecue circuit to the mainstream American backyard.

This season, Project Smoke goes global with shows on Mexican and Pac-Rim Smoke and Global Tailgating. Hardcore carnivores will delight in the episodes on the BBQ Holy Trinity and the Perfect Hog. Looking for something different? Check out shows on Extreme Smoke, Hot Stuff, and Water Meets Fire.

Filmed at the stunning Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort in California’s historic Santa Ynez Valley, Project Smoke 3 features a sizzling new collection of grills and smokers. Some highlights will include: a wood-burning plancha style grill, an infrared grill, and a smoker cabinet.

Season 3 will also offer such new smoking techniques as herb smoking with a blowtorch, and bacon you cure and smoke like pastrami. There is also a renewed emphasis on grilling for fans of Steven’s popular Primal Grill series and those that may not own smokers.

And of course, viewers will also enjoy sensational new recipes, like: Korean pulled pork, cedar-planked king crab, Yankee porchetta, and smoke-grilled monster tomahawk steaks.

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Image - IMG_1262 thumb.jpgImage - IMG_1279 THUMB.jpgImage - IMG_1290 THUMB.jpgImage - Project Smoke 3_0062 THUMB.jpg
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Image - Bourbon Brown Sugar Smoked Pork Loin - THUMB.jpgImage - Brisket on the Bone - THUMB.jpg
Image - Rotisserie Smoked Chicken - THUMB.jpgImage - Smoke Roasted Pears - THUMB.jpg
Image - Bacon Ham and Cheese Chicken Thighs - THUMB.jpgImage - Cherry Smoked Duck - THUMB.jpg
Image - Citrus Smoked Turkey Breast - THUMB.jpgImage - Char Sui Pork Tenderloin - THUMB.jpg
Image - Pork Belly Steamed Buns. - THUMB.jpgImage - Smoke Braised Lamb Shanks. - THUMB.jpg
Image - Tangerine Smoked Flans- THUMB.jpgImage - Chinatown Ribs - THUMB.jpg
Image - Onion Bomb  THUMB.jpgImage - Rob's Rib Sandwich THUMB.jpg
Image - St. Louis Ribs - THUMB.jpgImage - NOLA Smoked Shrimp - THUMB.jpg
Image - Salmon Candy - THUMB.jpgImage - Whiskey Cold Salmon - THUMB.jpg
Image - Mango Macadamia Crisp - THUMB.jpgImage - Reverse Seared Prime Rib - THUMB.jpg
Image - Smoked Pecans - THUMB.jpgImage - Smoked Shrimp and Corn Chowder - THUMB.jpg
Image - Bacon Sundae - THUMB.jpgImage - Ham in a Hurry - THUMB.jpg
Image - Honey Ham Ribs - THUMB.jpgImage - Turkey Ham - THUMB.jpg
Image - Beer Can Breakfast Burger - THUMB.jpgImage - Candied Bacon - THUMB.jpg
Image - Mile High Pancake - THUMB.jpgImage - Pork Pastrami Hash - THUMB.jpg
Image - Dragon Breath Cocktail - THUMB.jpgImage - Ember Roasted Corn - THUMB.jpg
Image - Hay Smoked Mozerella - THUMB.jpgImage - Smoked Ice Cream - Rum Raisin - THUMB.jpg
Image - Spruce Smoked Steaks - THUMB.jpgImage - Bucaneer Chicken - THUMB.jpg
Image - Mezcalini - THUMB.jpgImage - Oaxacan Barbacoa - THUMB.jpg
Image - Smoked Snapper Dip - THUMB.jpgImage - Danish Smoked Shrimp - THUMB.jpg
Image - Grilled Sangria - THUMB.jpgImage - Lemon Sesame Chicken Wings - THUMB.jpg
Image - The Project Smoke Cheesesteak - THUMB.jpgImage - Cape Town Lamb - THUMB.jpg
Image - Chocolate Bread Pudding - THUMB.jpgImage - Smoked Suckling Pig - THUMB.jpg
Image - Triple Thick Porkchops - THUMB.jpgImage - Hay Smoked Quail Eggs - THUMB.jpg


Photo Credit for all Food Shots:  Richard Dallett