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TO DINE FOR with Kate Sullivan - Season 4

Season Four of To Dine For with Kate Sullivan is a celebration of the American dream. After a tumultuous time in a global pandemic, everyone has been affected in various ways. The new season will explore diverse versions of the American dream, and how the pandemic has shaped and changed the way people view the American dream. The series will also continue its original theme of amplifying the stories of innovators and visionaries who have reached uncommon success through ingenuity and innovation.

Since food is the beginning of every culture, it is one thing that connects us all despite different races, religions, and beliefs. So, Kate continues to converse with her guests at their favorite restaurant, where we experience the atmosphere, location and the ambience they enjoy. We also learn what they love to eat while hearing how they define the American dream, how they strive to achieve it and their vision for their work beyond themselves.

Each guest shares how they have employed creativity to launch their idea, business, or concept. However, the conversations also reflect how this unique time in history has played a role in the story of each guest. The common threads of creativity can be seen across disciplines. The tech founder often must utilize the same process that an author or architect must use, and this show is intended to share those common threads with the viewer to inspire their own creativity.

As usual, the series will also transport viewers to many cities to see, taste and experience food from all walks of life, but the food is just the first course! The real treat are entrepreneurs, change agents, newsmakers, musicians, actors and other fascinating people who are changing the world.

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TO DINE FOR with Kate Sullivan - Season 3

Creating To Dine For with Kate Sullivan - Season 3 has been an amazing experience! We continue to proudly tell incredible stories of innovation and creativity at each of the guests’ favorite restaurants. But these stories have taken on a different meaning now that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, a cultural reckoning and a tumultuous political landscape. So, this season also reflects the many issues our country is grappling with currently.

Whether it’s the restaurant industry in peril with restaurateur Kimbal Musk… or how to handle crippling anxiety with Author and Speaker Mel Robbinsor finding opportunity in crisis with billionaire businessman Mark Cuban… or talking Black Lives Matter with Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs - every meal is a chance to connect, slow down, and learn the hard-earned lessons of creatives and visionaries. With the amazing journey of Misty Copeland from homelessness to the first black female Principal dancer of the American ballet theatre... or a former Monk Jay Shetty becoming a YouTube phenomenon, each story is a different snapshot of the American dream.

The new season will also run the gamut of restaurants! From Gramercy Tavern in NYC to IHOP in Dallas... to the Red Rooster Tavern in north Muskegon Michigan, food is the beginning of every culture. It is the one thing that connects us all despite different races, religions, and beliefs. A shared love of food and conversation transcends any border since everyone can appreciate a good meal and even better conversation.

Kate Sullivan, a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, traveler, and life-long foodie, hosts the series. For the last 10 years she has been the primary evening news anchor for CBS Chicago and the morning news anchor for CBS New York. Her passion for storytelling is undeniable. While Kate drives the show as host, the true stars are the guests, the food, and the locations. The viewer is invited along for a fantastic meal in a new location to engage in conversation with inspiring people.

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Episode Descriptions & Guests - Season 3

301 Jay Shetty
Author. Speaker. Podcaster. 
Location: Fresh on Sunset, Los Angeles, CA.
Jay Shetty is a storyteller, podcaster and former monk. He has been named Forbes magazine 30-under-30 for changing the way people look at their own mental health and wellness. He currently hosts the #1 most popular podcast in the world in the health and wellness space. His viral videos have garnered more than 6.5 million views. People magazine named him “one to watch in 2020”. Using his experience as a former monk, Jay shares timeless wisdom for living in uncertain times…as well as how to live a less anxious, more meaningful life. His favorite restaurant, Fresh on Sunset, becomes the backdrop for a conversation about how to live a truly happy and meaningful life.

302 Misty Copeland
Ballerina, Author, Speaker. 
Location: The Mermaid Inn, New York City, NY
Misty Copeland is an American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre. She became the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer in the ABT’s 75 year history. Despite starting at the age of 13, Misty’s journey to prodigy and ballet stardom has been a long and arduous one. Fighting body issues and pressure to conform, Misty faced much opposition as she blazed a trail in the dancing world. At her favorite restaurant in Manhattan, The Mermaid Inn, Misty shares her journey from homeless youth to child ballerina to one of the most celebrated dancers in the world. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. As she steps her way into finding her voice, Misty shares some of her most hard-earned wisdom and insights over her favorite meal and offers advice for any young creative.

303 Daniel Lubetzky
Founder of KIND Bars. Philanthropist.
Location: Gramercy Tavern, New York City, NY
Daniel Lubetzky grew up in Mexico City as the son of a Holocaust survivor. His journey to create KIND bars and his vision for a kinder and more peaceful world is simply remarkable. In 1994, he created PeaceWorks to create both “peace and profit” selling a sundried tomato product and giving a portion of the profits to foster peace in the Middle East. In 2003, he launched KIND bars to create a healthier snacking option. A social entrepreneur before the term was popular, Daniel created the KIND Foundation to give profits from his company to fund philanthropic ventures. At his favorite restaurant in New York City, Gramercy Tavern, Daniel shares his biggest regret and the one piece of wisdom he would impart to anyone starting something new.

304 Mark Cuban
Entrepreneur. Owner Dallas Mavericks. Shark on Shark Tank.
Location: IHOP, Dallas, Texas
Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Mark Cuban is considered the “ultimate serial entrepreneur” and became a billionaire creating and selling software companies. In 2000, he purchased the Dallas Mavericks NBA team and has become a vocal champion of his team and the game. He is also one of the main “shark” investors on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. Over breakfast at IHOP in Dallas Texas, Mark shares his journey, from growing up in a middle-class family in Pittsburgh to becoming a self-made billionaire…and the one crucial piece of advice from his Father that has helped him shape his American Dream.

305 Mel Robbins
Author and Speaker.
Location: Red Rooster Tavern, North Muskegon, MI.
Mel Robbins is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker and TV host. Her career has taken many twists and turns, including working as a criminal defense attorney and CNN analyst. During an incredibly dark period of her life, she developed a series of skills that allowed her to not only survive this period but launched her career in a new direction. Author of “The Five Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work and Confidence with Everyday Courage,” Mel is one of the country’s most sought-after speakers. Over the nostalgic flavors of her childhood favorite restaurant, Red Rooster Tavern in North Muskegon, Michigan, Mel shares her hilarious and flawed journey and her everyday advice to live a life with more purpose and courage.

306 Kimbal Musk
Entrepreneur. Founder of The Kitchen. Philanthropist.
Location: Oak, Boulder, CO
As one of the co-founders of PayPal, Kimbal Musk is no stranger to big entrepreneurial dreams and creating “something from nothing.” After starting and co-founding several successful tech companies with his brother, Elon, Kimbal decided to carve out an entirely new path by studying at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Fanning the flames of his culinary passions, he moved to Boulder, Colorado to work as a line cook. His love of cooking and his entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to become a successful restauranteur, food advocate and philanthropist. Kimbal’s vision for leading a “food revolution” has him named a Global Social Entrepreneur by the World Economic Forum. Over the signature dishes of his favorite restaurant, Oak in Boulder, Kimbal shares the true ingredients for a fulfilling career and a bold vision for a better world through “real” food.

307 Rachel Hollis
Author. Motivational Speaker. CEO.
Location: Café No Se, Austin, TX
As a speaker, author and founder of the Hollis Co., Rachel Hollis is the epitome of a self-made female founder. Originally from Weedpatch, California, Rachel’s funny and relatable style has won her the hearts of millions of devoted fans, readers and devotees. The Mother of 4 is brutally honest about the difficulties of start-up life and juggling career and family. At her favorite restaurant in Austin, TX, Café No Se, Rachel tells her story, from small-town awkward teenager to 2-time New York Times best-selling author and wildly successful motivational speaker. Rachel shares her recipe for success in terms of creating “something out of nothing” and achieving balance at work and home.

308 Michael Tubbs
Mayor of Stockton, California. 
Location: La Palma, Stockton, CA
At the age of 22, Michael Tubbs became the youngest member of the Stockton, California City Council. At the age of 26, he went on to become the youngest mayor of a city in America. Over the flavors of La Palma, his favorite Mexican restaurant in Stockton, Michael shares all that has led him to this moment and all of the problems he has confronted, including growing up in poverty with a father in prison. He talks about the transformative power of a meal to be a way we can all connect and unite our own communities, and how he uses “youth” and “optimism” as a superpower.

309 Phil Rosenthal
Television Writer, Creator and Executive Producer of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and Host of “Somebody Feed Phil.” Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phil Rosenthal is an actor, writer and director who grew up in Queens, New York. He created and executive-produced the smash hit comedy, “Everybody Loves Raymond.” In 2015, he created the PBS television series, “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having,” where Rosenthal explored food culture around the world. His newest show on Netflix, “Somebody Feed Phil” is the culmination of all his years in television combined with a vision to try to bring the world together through food. At his favorite restaurant in LA, Phil shares the hardest part of creating a television series and what he hopes people take away from his new creative venture.

310 Payal Kadakia
Founder of ClassPass. 
Location: Javier’s, Century City, CA.
Payal Kadakia was a world-class dancer whose passion for Bollywood dance inspired her to create her own dance troupe. Meanwhile, her job in management consulting left her less than inspired. That’s when she got the idea to build a directory of dance fitness classes like OpenTable. While she lacked the funding and know-how to build something of scale, Payal’s journey to build and create ClassPass, and then scale it into a billion-dollar company, is an epic one. Over the flavors of her favorite restaurant, Javier’s in Century City, California, Payal shares the many setbacks along her way to success and her vision for the future of her company as she works to rebuild post-pandemic.

TO DINE FOR with Kate Sullivan - Season 2

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:20 Promo - To Dine For Season 2

:30 Promo - To Dine For Season 2

To Dine For with Kate Sullivan uses this very question as a foundation for a conversation with the world’s most brilliant and innovative minds. In the second season of this 10-episode series, four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Sullivan invites viewers to pull up a seat at the table as she talks and dines with the inspirational entrepreneurs, change agents, musicians, actors, newsmakers and truly fascinating people who are changing the world. The guests featured on To Dine For are go-getters, creators and dreamers that have turned nothing into something. Season 2 guests will feature:

Sara Blakely – Inventor. CEO. Founder of Spanx
Location: Umi in Atlanta, Georgia
With 5,000 dollars and a simple idea, Sara Blakely invented a product that would change the fashion industry forever. As the Inventor and CEO of Spanx, Sara became the youngest self-made Billionaire in the world. With no fashion experience and no business degree, her story of grit, persistence, and problem solving is one of the most interesting business stories of our time. Over artfully prepared sushi and sashimi at Umi, Sara tells us how she did it and how she is paving the way for a new generation of female inventors and entrepreneurs.

Kevin Kwan – Author
Location: Crustacean. Beverly Hills, California
Born into an incredibly wealthy Singaporean family, Kevin Kwan came to the United States to attend college in Houston. His life took many different creative roads before he was inspired to pen the book, "“"Crazy Rich Asians"”" based on his family’s life back in Singapore. The New York Times best-selling novel became a cultural phenomenon and the first movie starring an all-Asian cast in 25 years. Kevin was named by TIME Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. Over garlic noodles at famed Beverly Hills restaurant Crustacean, Kevin talks about the roots of creativity, the long road to success and what kind of impact Kevin hopes to make in the future.

M. Night Shyamalan – Director
Location: Vetri Cucina Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
As Writer and Director of blockbuster hit movies such as "The Sixth Sense and "Unbreakable," Night has been able to hone the craft of ‘scaring the living daylights” of moviegoers with his suspenseful and often terrifying flicks. He has undoubtedly reached careers highs and dramatic career lows. At his favorite restaurant in Philadelphia, Night dishes on how to stay on the creative cutting edge and what he hopes is his legacy is in life and film.

Katori Hall – Playwright
Location: Grand Central Oyster Bar. New York City
Columbia, Harvard and Juilliard educated, Katori Hall planned to be an actress until a fateful assignment at Harvard changed her direction. Instead, she became a playwright. Her play, The Mountaintop, about the final night before Martin Luther King’s assassination, won critical acclaim making her the first black woman to win the Olivier Award for Best New Play. Over Oysters at the famed Grand Central Oyster Bar, Katori shares what shapes her thinking, how she views her role in the world and what success really means to her.

Jake Wood – Founder of Team Rubicon
Location: Wando’s Madison, Wisconsin
Jake Wood is a former Marine who used his military training to create and lead a non-profit called Team Rubicon. He won the 2018 Pat Tillman awarded for service at the ESPY awards and has written a book Take Command: Lessons in Leadership: How to be a First Responder in Business.. At his absolute favorite spot for burgers and beer, Jake talks about his passion to put Veterans back to work and harness their military training to serve and help those most in need.

Erik Weihenmayer – Athlete
Location: The Sherpa House Golden, CO
Erik Weihenmayer became the first blind man to ever summit Mount Everest. His achievement put him on the cover of TIME magazine and brought him International acclaim. Turns out that achievement would be just the launching pad for a life of service and commitment to helping thousands of people overcome whatever holds them back in life. As the director of non-profit No Barriers, Erik works directly with people who either are disabled mentally or physically. Over the fascinating flavors of the Himalayan Mountains, Erik shares his journey from outdoor-enthusiast to one of the world’s most sought-after speakers and what it really means to live a life with "No Barriers."

Blake Mycoskie – Founder of TOMS Social Entreprenuer. Philanthropist Activist.
Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Snake River Grille
From the majestic Teton Mountains, we hear the story of the man who defined what it means to be a "social entrepreneur". Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS shoes because of a need he saw in impoverished neighborhoods around the world: shoes. His "one for one" business model of donating a pair of shoes for every pair sold has been copied and recreated in thousands of iterations and has been studied by many. Amidst a crackling fire and over delicious "minute steaks" at the Snake River Grille, Blake shares the soul of an entrepreneur and the project that has re-ignited his spirit.

Deepak Chopra – Author. Spiritual Teacher
Location: ABC Kitchen. NYC
New York Times best-selling author Deepak Chopra is a medical doctor by trade but he is best known for his work to get people to live a life of greater consciousness. His devotion to mental wellness and well-being is at the center of his work, his teachings and his speaking engagements. Over sustainable, organic and farm-to-table cuisine, Deepak shares how he brings an idea to execution through the power of the mind. This enlightening conversation is both nourishing for the mind and spirit.

Gitanjali Rao – Inventor
Location: Hacienda Colorado Denver, CO
At the age of just 11 years old, Gitanjali dreamed up a solution to a problem many had overlooked. Inspired by watching the news coverage of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, Gitanjali invented a water treatment device that Flint residents could use in their homes to see if their water is safe. This invention has won her numerous national and international awards and accolades. Over Mexican comfort food, Gitanjali shares the basics of innovation and creativity and inspires us all to look more closely at big world problems in a more resourceful way.

Ashley Longshore – Artist
Location: New Orleans, LA
Ashley is a painter and gallery owner from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been called a modern-day Andy Warhol with her outlandish and pop-culture art. Her success as an artist has not come easy and her story is nothing short of inspirational. Over the decadent flavors of New Orleans, Ashley shares the details of her creative process, and what it’s truly like to become an acclaimed artist and how success has changed her view of art and the artistic process and her new effort to support local artists everywhere.

Kate Sullivan, a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, traveler, and life-long foodie, hosts the series. For the last 10 years she has been the primary evening news anchor for CBS Chicago and the morning news anchor for CBS New York. Her passion for storytelling is undeniable. While Kate will drive the show as host, the true stars are the guests, the food, and the locations. The viewer is invited along for a fantastic meal in a new location to engage in conversation with inspiring people. The show is intended to be entertaining and aspirational to new points of travel, restaurants to experience, and ideas to digest.

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TO DINE FOR with Kate Sullivan - Season 1

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The new 10-episode series, TO DINE FOR WITH KATE SULLIVAN, is an invitation to dine with some of the world’s most brilliant and innovative minds. the series is hosted and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Sullivan.

During each 30-minute episode Kate travels the country and overseas to interview her special guests at their favorite restaurants. From the origins of Spanish tapas in Barcelona, Spain with Chef José Andrés, to the classic Chicago comfort staple of deep dish pizza with designer Jason Mayden, viewers learn where they love to eat and why they love to eat it.

TO DINE FOR WITH KATE SULLIVAN is also a celebration of the American dream. While the series features the atmosphere, the location, the ambiance, and a favorite meal of each particular guest, the food is just the first course. During the meal, Kate’s guest talks about how they made it, how they struggled, how they define success and how they tried to achieve it. Since all of the guests have created “something out of nothing,” the ideas and lessons learned will be the main entrée and will leave the viewer hungry for more.

Each episode of the series features guests who are the "go getters," the "creators" and "dreamers" – having turned ideas into success stories. They are entrepreneurs, change agents, musicians, actors, and truly fascinating people who are changing the world.

Kate Sullivan, a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, traveler, and life-long foodie, hosts and produces the series. Kate has spent 18 years in small, medium, and large television markets across the United States. For the last 10 years, she has been the primary evening news anchor for CBS Chicago and the morning news anchor for CBS New York. Her passion for storytelling is undeniable.

TO DINE FOR WITH KATE SULLIVAN is intended to be entertaining and aspirational to new points of travel, restaurants to experience, and ideas to digest.

Funding for this series is provided by American National Insurance and Kendra Scott. This series is produced by Shotput Media Group, presented by Maryland Public Television and distributed by American Public Television. Viewers interested in watching the new series are encouraged to contact your public television station to find out when it will be available in your area.

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