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Bay Week 2023

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Maryland Public Television invites you to help foster public awareness and education about the environment and conservation by participating in Bay Week® 2023. This special week of programming spans history, culture, science, cooking, arts, environmental problems and politics. Viewers will be pleasantly surprised to learn how our nation’s waterways touch our lives and connect us to each other.

We are again pleased to present our digital, interactive catalogue to view over 40 program offers. Each of the program offers now include a link to view the full program (with the exception of a few of the newest programs that are still in production.) All programs will be available for download from sIX. Click here to launch the catalogue:

Bay Week 2023 Program Catalogue

New offerings for 2023 include: Water’s Edge: Black Watermen of the Chesapeake – chronicles unsung watermen that revolutionized an industry, dreamed beyond their circumstance and are still keeping this tradition alive today. Discovering the Dove - Join historians and craftspeople in unraveling the mystery of a 17th century ship as a team of shipbuilders endeavor to recreate the Dove of 1633. Kent County’s Storied Landscape: Place – Past and Present - In an era of building, development and habitat destruction, a local county sets itself apart in its working of agricultural lands and waterways that embody patterns of life from prehistoric times to today. Eatin’ Blue Catfish - Get your forks and appetites ready for a new item hitting restaurant menus, grocery stores, and dinner plates as we see which chef has what it takes to get the judges excited about Eatin’ Blue Catfish, Chesapeake Style! Search for the Cooper: A River Hidden in Plain View - follow four teenagers who kayak, hike, muck and bushwhack for six days along the neglected Cooper River in Camden County, NJ.

Committing airtime to sustain our environment offers public television a unique opportunity to spur public interest and activism. On Saturday, April 22, 2023, the nation will celebrate Earth Day, so it is the perfect time for your viewers to enjoy this important event. All the program offerings have rights extended to the end of this year, so MPT encourages your station to either participate during the same week (April 16 – 22, 2023) or create your own Environment Week when your schedule permits.

To acquire programs: Most programs are already available for download on sIX. The newer programs, still in production, will also be available on sIX closer to the release date.