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Chesapeake Bay Week 2020

Evolution of America: 1619 to Today



New Programs for 2020

Keep checking back for more information and assets for these programs as they become available.

Chesapeake Beacons

The Chesapeake Bay Summit 2020


A Voice for the Rivers

Maryland Farm & Harvest: Water & Agricultural Special

Outdoors Maryland: The Gunpowder River

Maryland Public Television invites you to help foster public awareness and education about the environment and conservation by participating in Chesapeake Bay Week® 2019. This special week of programming, that spans the history, culture, science and current challenges of the bay — from cooking and arts, to environmental problems and politics — is one of the only such programming initiatives in the country. We believe you and your viewers will be pleasantly surprised by how our nation’s waterways touch our lives and connect all of us to each other.

New offerings for 2019 include: The Chesapeake & Delaware Canal: Gateway to the World – the C&D Canal’s history and impact to the area through the stories of ship pilots, historians, lock operators, re-enactors, engineers, authors and more. An Island Out of Time – a celebration and elegy for a place beset with erosion, dwindling population and vanishing economic opportunities. Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes – a glimpse into the lives of the Dayak people that have relied on the Bornean rainforests for nearly everything. But their close bond with nature is being threatened as huge swathes of their once-mighty forests are razed. Maryland Crabs: Tradition & Taste – Facing some new and unexpected challenges, the blue crab industry feels a bit tentative as it looks to the future.

Committing airtime to sustain our environment offers public television a unique and exciting opportunity to exercise our educational muscle to spur public interest and activism. On Monday, April 22, 2019, the nation will also celebrate Earth Day, so it is the perfect time to have your viewers participate in this important event. All the programs offered have rights extended to the end of this year, so MPT encourages your station to either participate during the same week (April 21 – 27, 2019) or create your own Environmental Week when your schedule permits.

To Acquire Programs: The program catalog highlights all the 2019 offers with a web address on the cover to direct you to more information and program clips. The full programs will be fed to stations by satellite in late March/early April 2019. A detailed schedule with the days and times of the program feeds will follow in the coming weeks.

Downloads for Chesapeake Bay Week 2019:

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